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WoW Withdraws

by on July 12, 2013

Tuesday, June 25th, a night I remember well. Roller-skating for a bachelorette party. I’ll leave out most of the story, but I will say I did break my right arm. I am right handed so you can see how this might be an issue. The first thought that came into my mind when I found out I broke it, “Shit! I can’t raid with a broken right arm!” However, my stubborn ass was going to try and play anyway.

The setup:
Crix moved my computer, mouse, keyboard, and Nostromo to the 65″ HD TV in the living room. I was excited to say the least. That was until I turned on the computer. Everything was messed up, visually speaking. I opened the game and hoped something would be different but alas, resolution, addons, everything, it was all messed up. I can’t play without my addons. This was even before I figured out that my hand couldn’t fit around the mouse with the makeshift cast that was currently on my arm locking my elbow in an L shape and my hand looking like it’s holding an invisible can of soda. I think I actually cried when I realized I couldn’t raid that night.

The diagnosis:
Heading to the Orthopedic doctor, I had my plan figured out. I would tell them I needed my right arm for work on a computer. I am not really lying, I am an IT Technician. However, my ulterior motive was to raid. I was prepared to get a cast for 6 weeks. I was going to plead with the doctor to make my hand fit around a mouse… for “work” reasons of course. My first bit of bad news arrived moments later. The doc did verify there was a radial head fracture that extended about 2″-3″ down the bone. (Damn!) Here comes some false hope, the doc tells me no cast for this type of fracture. (OH YEA!!) Wait, but I can’t use my arm at all. He even threatens that if I can’t be good he will put me in a cast just to be sure I don’t move my arm. (Damn!) So, I tell an almost truth, “Yep, I’ll be good! I promise!” Then Crix speaks up! (Damn I knew I shouldn’t have brought him!) “She won’t. You might as well put the cast on her.” (Damn damn damn!) “Ok ok ok! I promise, I will be good for the entire 2 weeks until my PT appointment!” (Ok, I can do this! It’s only 2 weeks of no raiding.)

The Withdraws:
I miss Sunday’s raids (June 30th). No too big of a deal; I keep telling myself it’s only 2 weeks. I’ll catch up on some TV. I can hear Crix in the background, it bugs me a little.
Monday night (July 1): I’ll just watch over Crix’s shoulder. Well, that doesn’t go well. He gets annoyed when I ask when people are saying and what’s going on. Mage POV is rather annoying to watch.
Tuesday comes around (July 2): TM raids tonight. I miss my friends. I haven’t talked to anyone really since I went to the doctor. I did log into the forums but not in game. I need to talk to them. I hover around Crix again. He gets annoyed again. Ugh, I’ll watch TV. Damn, this is a long 2 weeks.
Friday (July 5): I see Crix getting ready for raid. I look at what’s going on. In my mind I am thinking, “Gosh, I hope my replacement tank isn’t better than me. I hope they miss me!” I know, bad thoughts, especially since my replacement tank is Crix >.<
Tuesday (July 9): I can't take this anymore. I log into vent. Gosh it's nice to hear their voices! I missed them all! Hey, they noticed I was missing and said HI to me! Yes, they miss me!
Wednesday (July 10): 9:36 rolls around. TM should be raiding, but they aren't. What? I ask Crix, "What's going on? Who you missing?" Crix, "a few people." I light up a little. This feels somewhat wrong but I am secretly hoping that whoever it is doesn't log in so that maybe I can have a chance at raiding. I don't care what toon I'm on or what position, I just want to firggin' raid already!!! I tell Crix, "Well, you know, maybe I can log in and try to raid… if you guys need me of course…" Small evil smile flashes across my face. Crix, "nah, they are coming." FUCKFUCKFUCK!!! DAMN IT ALL! I walk away in a huff and sit down on the couch and watch boring TV again. All the time yelling at myself for how stupid I was to go roller-skating for a bachelorette party!

Friday is finally here! I have PT at 2:20. I do not care what the doc says. The withdraws are too strong. I… must… play!!!

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  1. Stubborn wench! Don’t aggravate it and make it worse!
    But on the other side… we misss your furry ass! lol

    (that totally sounded wrong… but oh so right)

  2. We did miss the Pyro Druid

  3. Cali permalink

    I’ve been there…not being able to raid, but having to watch Joe raid…ugh. I had all of those secret bad hopes too lol We’re glad to have you back, hun ā¤ But more importantly, glad your arm is okay and you were able to resist šŸ˜‰

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