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The Endorphin Rush

by on July 19, 2013

The Endorphin Rush

Certain things in life give you that hard to achieve endorphin rush.  That moment where your body tenses up, you get nervous, perhaps sweaty, nervously awaiting to feel the rush, and either the moment happens or it doesn’t.  The achieved or lost feeling has now past, but you continue to try and find more of those elusive endorphin rush moments in life wherever they may be.  For me, in WoW, it’s the thrill of a new boss kill, but not any boss kill, the right circumstances must fall in line for it to be a true rush.  Some kills feel better than others.  Here are a few I can remember:

LK 10 man

I was in the guild Broken at the time and we had 2-3 ICC 10 groups and 1 ICC 25 man group.  We raided Tues/Wed as ICC 25 and then broke into 10 man groups.  4 days of raiding was fine I guess for most back then and now people get scared at 3, but I digress.  No group could get to or down LK.  Pretty sure all grps were stuck at or near Sindragosa except one group which was stuck on LK.  Just needed a little more.  As a guild we decided to form a super grp, grab the best 10 and best makeup to make it happen.  We formed up and got in there.  For those that don’t remember it was a 3 phase fight with 2 intermediate transition phases, dare I saw, intermissions.  (sound familiar…)  Anyway, we get through P1, P1.5, P2, P2.5 pretty easily then P3.  We never got this far so cleanly, all raiders are still  up.  I start to get that excited feeling, almost like the first taste of beer or an alcoholic drink after a long hard days work or perhaps even when single when the first ‘touch’ happened or if you finally got a bathroom after holding it in for 3 hours, ok, maybe not so much the bathroom part.  Anyway, I remember being on my disco priest even though my main was a holy pally, but you needed the bubbles for that one effect in P1 which I cannot remember the name now.  The rotation of defile then Valkyrie, defile,then Valkyrie was all we had to do plus deal with the person targeted by the sword.  Someone gets swept in and they die.  Oh boy, here we go.  Valkyrie gets another.  As RL, I knew the fight ends at 10%, but some forgot or were too razor focused and too ingrained that 0% is the end.  We were close, 15%, I say 5% more, some are confused, a few more die.  I am still up as is another healer.  Then 11% and 10% and bang, fight “over”.  We don’t all immediately get excited because some are confused, I knew we got it and my endorphin level was an 8.  That last cut scene crap for last 10% was/is pretty stupid.  Still, we got it, and it felt fing good.  Arthas had it coming for a long time.

Nefarion v2

Pretty sure I got Nef in vanilla as BWL was around the time I quit or maybe it was around AQ, maybe both, I don’t really remember.  Anyway, again, 2×10 man grps, we started T11 with a 25 man, lost a few and went to 2×10 and split the talent.  It worked to an extent, but we again formed the super grp for first kills on Chogall, Alakir, and Nef.  Besides the platform jump thing, the fight wasn’t too bad.  We got it relatively easily, but p3 we were bad and the adrenaline started pumping.  People dying all over the place.  We got the kill with 3 people up and again, it felt good, some cheers, not as much as LK though.  This was the first tier Broken every got a regulation kill.  A full clear of normal content while it was current and not nerfed by some percentage.  So, it was truly a milestone and Broken had finally matured out of noobdom.

H Chimy

We had some time before FL came out so we dabbled in some heroics.  We only got 2, but H Chimy was the last one and only memorable one.  With over 50 wipes we worked hard on this one with the gimmick were you just need to keep people at 10K health and 1 tank at near full.  Of course, in heroic it was harder and we pooled a lot of CDs and random shit to get one down.  The only detail I really remember is that we did cheer when we got it, it felt good after all that work, but also burnt some folks out not used to that type of grind on one boss kill.


Ragnaros v2

I have played since vanilla and you would think my Rag kill in vanilla was memorable, but it was my first time raiding and I wasn’t RLing plus I was a noob.  I sort of just went with the flow.  Refreshed dots when it made sense as the 7 other locks had dots rolling too and dots used to get pushed off on bosses if I remember correctly.  There was a max!  My vanilla days are hazy at best, too much staying up until 2-3am raiding and barely awake for some kills.

So, fast forward to Cataclysm and Firelands.  We dropped to 1 group as the splitting talent thing wasn’t working and we were losing people to lack of progression.  So, we had talent pooled now, but if someone was out a week, we didn’t raid.  There was no pugging early on in FL.  So, we get through most of FL, slower than we wanted, but we were facing Rag in the last week before nerf.  This was it, we missed a lot of raids, but we had the group to do it.  We go in that week and learn it piece by piece.  3 phases and 2 intermediate phases again.  This fight was no joke, to date, the hardest normal difficulty boss I have faced.  2.5 hours are quickly dying down on our last raid day of the week before next week’s nerf.  1 shot left, 5 attempts ago we got to 10%.  Since then, too many mistakes, probably fatigue.  1 last one, let’s do EET.  All goes near perfect until the last tranny phase and we lose 1 or 2.  Then phase 3, blood lust and go.  Watch the fing meteors!  One by one the phase 3 is too much, but he is at 5%, 4%, 3% come on, all are dead, tanks, heals, everyone, except one Enhancement Shaman Jadeail.  The legend of Jade started in T11 when he was only one left on Alakir kill, but that fight was so stupid, most didn’t care.  Could Jade do it again?  This was Rag though, smacking tanks around, tossing multiple meteors. 4%,  2%, 1%, 0%.  COME ON JADE is what we were all thinking as everyone was dead silent.  Then, achievements fly through guild chat…VENT ERUPTED IN CHEERS, EVERYONE WAS SCREAMING, YELLING HOLY SHIT, and other obscenities.   My body was full of endorphins, at that very moment, I could have punched Mike Tyson and probably knocked him out. Somehow Jade did it, we don’t know how, they were at least 4 meteors, somehow he survived and finished Rag off.  The most epic kill to date for me.


Other memorable kills

After the Rag story all others pale in comparison, but I have had other great kills that gave me the rush.  Deathwing pre-nerf, H DS clear at 20% nerf, T14 full clear though Sha of Fear was anti-climactic, and t15 Lei Shen kill.  All were great in their own right, but none compared to Rag at the time, in the guild I was in, and the way it happened.


Dude, you only get endorphin rush from WoW kills?!

No, but this is a wow blog and internet porn has made sex less sexy and exciting.



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  1. Grimaldo permalink

    For me it’s always been Archimonde 25 man from BC days. I swear we worked in that guy for months with a higher end guild. I literally jumped up and did a little jig when he died.

  2. For me it had to be LK before Cataclysm hit. We worked that foo for months!

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