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Playing both sides

by on July 30, 2013

I’m not really one of those players that claims a side and stays there no matter what. A lot of people say they bleed horde/alliance. I bleed MT. I stay on the horde side mostly because the people I like are on this side, and you can’t talk to the other faction. 10 of my Uldaman toons are horde.

The last is a tiny gnome priest.

I’ve always liked gnomes. They’re tiny. I like small things! (Minds out of the gutter, please.) They can have hot pink pigtails. (Favorite color! Woo!) And, with the added bonus of Yakk informing me of exactly how cute gnomes look wearing the T5 wings (Wings of the Avatar, if you want to give it a Google), that cemented it for me. I need a gnome priest. I need to get her to 70. She needs to have those wings.

So I rolled a baby gnome, outfitted her in every heirloom I could find, and started on my leveling journey! I found a guild that was accepting lowbies, had some levels to it, and didn’t have a horrible name. I quested my way to 15, and then I started my dungeon crawl as a holy priest.

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve run the lowbie dungeons. I must have willfully forgotten how… taxing they can be.

– Getting Gnomer again… and again… and again… and again. Multiple times in a row.

– Monk tanks that roll two or three times, leaving me behind in the dust while they pull half a room. By the time I catch up, 3/4 of their health is gone. Hey genius, I have short legs. Mind waiting up a bit?

– Tanks in general that don’t build aggro on everything that’s attacking us. I heal, and suddenly I have things eating my face.

– DPS that decide the tank isn’t pulling fast enough. I heal the DPS, and again… I have things eating my face. If I let the DPS die, I get chewed out for being a terrible healer who isn’t doing her job.

I could go on forever. The worst part, though, is not having access to any of my horde stuff. Unlike a horde lowbie, my little gnome has no access to my bank alt stuff. Or my gold. Oh sure, I could play the Neutral AH game and try to transfer stuff that way, but Star is LAZY. It’s easier to just wait until 60, grab the cheapest flight training possible, and fly my slow self around to gather what I need.

This is also why Star loots ALL the things. A lot of tanks don’t pause and give you time to… gee, I don’t know… loot the mobs, get your mana back, find that new spell you just got from dinging in your spellbook. Nope! The tank says: ONWARD! I have a 90 main. I know what I’m doing. I’m going to ignore the fact that I’m level 32 and have the health of a slightly inebriated hedgehog. PULL ALL THE THINGS!

Le sigh.

The wings will be mine. This has been my mantra since I rolled Starblessed. I’m going to hit 70 and then I’m going to start collecting T5 pieces. And all of this will be worth it.

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  1. LOL Star!! You know, those wings look pretty great on Goblins too ;P

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