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What’s in a Name?

by on July 12, 2013

The guild groups have gone through some changes over the years. When we first started raiding as a guild, we had one group. That’s it. No team name, just “the group”. As the guild expanded, so did our teams. At the end of Wrath, we had 2 teams. At the time we just called them “The Progression Team” and “The Signup Team”. Where one team was a solid core of raiders, and the other team raiders just signed up to raid, and players rotated in and out. The funny thing is,  both teams were making the exact same progress. The “signup” team was even slightly ahead of the “progression” team at one point.

So in Cataclysm, we decided to just create multiple groups and give them names. There was no “A” Team and “B” Team. There was “Team Bite Me” and “Team Kiss My Ass”. Rodin led one team, Giz led the other (which Yakk then took over when we hit Firelands). When DS hit, we formed a 3rd team. My suggestion of “Blame Giz” didn’t pan out unfortunately, and the group was named “Team Pwn Stars”.

At the start of MOP we tried going with 4 groups off the bat. Let’s just say that didn’t end well. But expansions are a big team reset, and so we changed team names as well. We started with Team Moist (led by Mavros), Team Yakk, Team Zal and Team Rodin. Yeah, totally original ha. After wiping repeatedly to the attendance boss, and with Zal out and Rodin no longer Raid Leading, the two teams reformed into Team Reborn under Mavros leadership. At 5.2 we felt that we had enough players to resurrect a 4th team again, and Team Toasties was born with Fuzzytoast raid leading.

TT has been wiping on the attendance boss too, especially with summer upon us and everyone out on vacation and enjoying the sunshine. We also had some performance issues, and a leadership mismatch. Which brings me to the title of this post. TT is undergoing some changes. A new Raid Leader has emerged, the core has changed a bit, and the team has started making progress again. With this, the team needs a new identity. And after asking for suggestions on a new team name, all I can say is you guys are a bunch of pervs!

(yes, the name Masochistic Tendencies was my idea, and yes I am a perv too, but that’s beside the point)

No, Mav we are not renaming TT to Team Taint. Shoo. Go play with your own teams! No Crix, unless you can come up with DP to mean something else, we’re not naming it Team DP. Funny enough.. despite the innuendo, that particular ahm… position, wasn’t mentioned. DP: Derp Pudding, Dungeon Pirates, Dr. Pepper… you guys are still a bunch of pervs. Or maybe that’s just me…


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